Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Uncovering a Niche in Beverage and Beer Distribution.

Uncovering a Niche in Beverage and Beer Distribution.
To be a success in any business you must understand that while everything around us changes, everything somehow remains the same. We have to study the past to comprehend the present, which in turn will help us try to predict the future. Products (in any industry) that were popular years ago seem to always come back in style. Just like the world is round, what goes around comes around. Ideas that have been successful; whether they be price driven, in advertising, in new packaging or branding, in innovation, or by sheer luck, that worked historically can be adapted to work today. I have never been smart enough to invent or design anything, but I have always been able to take something that already exists, tinker with it, and make it better. Uncovering niches in beverage and beer distribution is important to all wholesalers. I will keep up the following list and make sure it is updated on a timely basis. Your input is very important, feel free to leave comments.

  • As a wholesaler, don't limit your horizons. Compete in as many segments as possible. In other words, your truck is already stopping at an account, try to sell the account more. Drop size equals more dollars. Examples:
  1. Small soft drink bottler adding energy drinks and malternatives, maybe some craft beers.
  2. Beer Wholesaler with heavy on premise clientele adding salty snacks.
  3. Grocery Wholesaler considering regional wines and spirits.
  4. Becoming a Mega-Wholesaler competing in all segments: Soft Drinks, beer, wine, spirits, energy, milk, coffee, tea, juice, water, isotonics.
  • If you want to compete against Red Bull in the on premise and you don't have a major label, forget trying other energy drinks, do it with water, mixers, cups, juices, even salty snacks. While spirits are booming on premise, beer is declining (as of the present). Offer your bars and restaurants something new.
  • Use nostalgic marketing with older brands that have small points of distribution. Entice the consumer with the feelings of yesteryear. We have seen a resurgence of PBR, High Life, and Schlitz. My favorite is a 2 for $10 pick a pack deal we do in neighborhood grocery stores. Your choice of two Schlitz, High Life, Old Mil, PBR, Keystone, Best, Schaefer, Old Style, or Olympia 12 packs for $10. Bundle some older graphics on a sign with your sign machine and there you go. It's an easy sell, easy display, and the retailers love it.
These are just a few ideas, I will update more in the coming days. Enjoy!

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