Sunday, November 25, 2007

Distributor Opportunities with Cott Beverages

As a beverage distributor, I constantly look for opportunities to partner with established suppliers that bring extensive knowledge and expertise to my market, as well as terrific products. Many new beverages are from start-up companies that, either, don't have incremental dollars to invest in my market or don't have the manpower to help drive the business. Many of these companies have trouble getting chain authorizations in national accounts and suffer out of stocks due to the contract production of their beverages. To my surprise I have recently found that Cott Beverages is agressively pursuing independent distributors to partner with and carry their exisitng lines, as well as new product introductions.

To those who may not know, Cott Beverages is the fourth largest soft drink beverage company in the world and the world’s largest private label soft drink producer. Cott has 17 manufacturing facilities and one concentrate house in North America. Cott Beverages manufactures private label product for the world’s largest retailers, such as Wal-Mart, Loblaws, SuperValu, and Safeway. Cott has recently launched Throwdown Energy and Emerge Water, and is diversifying their portfolio as we speak.

For more information you can visit or send an email to Cott. Type WHOLESALE BEVERAGE DISTRIBUTOR as the subject.