Tuesday, July 31, 2007

So You Lost Vitaminwater to Coke...

Add Vitaminwater to a long list of brands that are built from the ground up by hard working distributors only to be taken away once the brand gets its legs. Clearly Canadian, Snapple, SoBe, Fuze, Corona, and now Vitaminwater. These brands offered distributors added margins and helped fill drop size. Hopefully, the former distributors will receive a nice buyout package once they sell the brand and I am hearing many distributors with "so called" perpetual rights agreements, will. Anyway, you've lost another important brand to your portfolio, what do you do?

It's time to look for the next new thing. Try searching for products in new beverage categories. Get agreements with companies that offer different brands competing in different segments. The best segments an independent wholesaler can compete in today are as follows:

1. Energy Drinks---They keep coming and they keep selling.
2. Enhanced Water---You won't find the next Vitaminwater, but you may be able to hold space with another brand.
3. Infused Teas---Get new teas loaded with antioxidants.
4. Enhanced Juices---The next big one will come from this category.

That is my two cents.