Thursday, May 15, 2008

Alcohol Content, Calories, and Carbs in Beer

I get asked the following questions a hundred times a day:

"How much alcohol is in my beer?"
"What is the alcohol content of different beers?"
"How many calories are in beer?"
"How many carbs do I have in my beer?"

I usually answer, "Who cares....doesn't it taste good, don't you enjoy it, don't you have more important things to worry about? But today I will give you the correct answer to your questions about the alcohol content in different beers, the calories in these beers, and the total carbs for each beer.

There are some very nice tables on the internet you can use. My two favorites are found at and These tables list different beers, the alcohol content, the calories in each beer, and the carbs for the beers. The following example chart is from :



% AlcoholCalories/12 oz Carbs
Anchor PorterAnchor5.6209*
Anchor SteamAnchor 4.915316.0
Anheuser Busch Natural Light Anheuser Busch4.2953.2
Anheuser Busch Natural IceAnheuser Busch5.91578.9
Aspen EdgeAdolph Coors4.1942.6
Blatz Beer Pabst4.8153 12.5
Blatz LightPabst**8.5
Blue MoonAdolph Coors5.417113.7
Bud DryAnheuser Busch5.01307.8
Bud IceAnheuser Busch5.51488.9
Bud Ice LightAnheuser Busch4.11106.5
Bud LightAnheuser Busch4.21106.6
BudweiserAnheuser Busch5.014510.6
Budweiser SelectAnheuser Busch4.3993.1
Busch Beer Anheuser Busch4.613310.2
Busch IceAnheuser Busch5.916912.5
Busch LightAnheuser Busch4.21106.7
Carling Black LabelG. Heileman4.313812.5
Colt 45 Malt LiquorG. Heileman6.117411.1
Coors Banquet Beer Adolph Coors5.014210.6
Coors LightAdolph Coors4.21025.0
Genesee BeerHigh Falls Brewing4.514813.5
Genesee Cream AleHigh Falls Brewing5.116215.0
Genesee IceHigh Falls Brewing5.915614.5
Genesee RedHigh Falls Brewing4.914814.0
George Killian's Irish RedAdolph Coors4.916313.8
Hamm's BeerMiller4.714412.1
Hamm's Golden DraftMiller4.714412.1
Hamm's Special LightMiller4.11107.3
Keystone PremiumAdolph Coors4.41085.0
Keystone LightAdolph Coors4.21045.1
Keystone IceAdolph Coors5.91436.6
Leinenkugel Honey WeissLeinenkugel4.9214912.0
Leinenkugel Northwoods LagerLeinenkugel4.9416315.3
Leinenkugel OriginalLeinenkugel4.6715213.9
Leinenkugel Creamy DarkLeinenkugel4.9417016.8
Leinenkugel Red Leinenkugel4.9416616.2
Leinenkugel LightLeinenkugel4.191055.7
Leinenkugel Amber LightLeinenkugel4.141107.4
Lowenbrau Dark5.0160
Lowenbrau Special Beer5.2160
Magnum Malt LiquorMiller5.615711.2
Michael Shea'sHigh Falls Brewing4.6214513.0
Michelob Amber BochAnheuser Busch5.216615.0
Michelob BeerAnheuser Busch5.015513.3
Michelob Golden DraftAnheuser Busch4.715214.1
Michelob Golden Draft LightAnheuser Busch4.11107.0
Michelob Honey LagerAnheuser Busch4.917517.9
Michelob LightAnheuser Busch4.31136.7
Michelob UltraAnheuser Busch4.1952.6
Mickey's Fine Malt Liquor Miller5.615711.2
Miller Genuine DraftMiller4.714313.1
Miller Genuine Draft LightMiller4.21107
Miller High LifeMiller4.714313.1
Miller High Life LightMiller4.21107
Miller LiteMiller4.2963.2
Milwaukee's BestMiller4.512811.4
Milwaukee's Best LightMiller4.5983.5
Milwaukee's Best IceMiller5.91447.3
O'Doul'sAnheuser Busch0.47013.3
Old Milwaukee LightStroh3.81148.3
Old Milwaukee BeerStroh4.514612.9
Olde English 800 Malt LiquorMiller5.9 16010.5
Olympia Premium LagerPabst4.714611.9
Pabst Blue RibbonPabst5.015312.01
Pabst Extra Light Low AlcoholPabst2.567*
Pete's Wicked Ale5.317417.7
Red Hook ESBRed Hook5.7717914.15
Red Hook IPARed Hook6.518812.66
Rolling Rock Extra PaleLatrobe4.6142
Rolling Rock Premium Beer Latrobe4.512010.0
Sam Adams Boston Lager Boston Beer4.7516018.0
Sam Adams Boston AleBoston Beer4.9416019.9
Sam Adams Cherry WheatBoston Beer5.216616.86
Sam Adams Cream StoutBoston Beer4.6919523.94
Sam Adams IPABoston Beer5.93175
Sam Adams LightBoston Beer1249.7
Sam Adams Pale AleBoston Beer5.25145

Schaefer BeerPabst4.614212.00
Schlitz BeerPabst4.714612.1
Schlitz LightPabst4.2110*
Schlitz Malt LiquorPabst6.2185*
Sierra Nevada Pale AleSierra Nevada5.620012.3
Sierra Nevada PorterSierra Nevada5.620015.7
Sierra Nevada StoutSierra Nevada5.821019.4
Signature Stroh BeerPabst4.8153*
Stroh's Beer Pabst4.6 14912.0
Stroh's LightPabst4.4 1137
Tuborg Deluxe Dark ExportG. Heileman5.1163
Tuborg Export QualityG. Heileman5.0 156
Weinhard's Private ReserveMiller4.81509.9
Weinhard's Amber LightMiller4.213511.5
Weinhard's HefeweizenMiller4.915112.2
Weinhard's Blonde LagerMiller5.116114.0
Weinhard's Pale AleMiller4.614713
Yuengling AleD.G. Yuengilng5.014510
Yuengling PorterD.G. Yuengilng4.515014
Yuengling Premium BeerD.G. Yuengling4.413512
Yuengling LightD.G. Yuengling3.8986.6
Yuengling LagerD.G. Yuengling4.413512

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