Saturday, March 30, 2013

Start Your Own Cell Phone Service Business

Did you know that you can earn an unlimited income from your cell phone provider? There is a new company growing at an astounding rate called Solavei that will pay you money. You already share the things you like with people – now you can earn income doing it. When you sign up for Solavei and share it with your friends and family, you have the opportunity to save money, earn income, and help others do the same.

Solavei offers a no contract, $49 unlimited data, text and voice service and a way to earn residual income by referring people. Just think, you can start your own business and make an unlimited income telling people about something that will save them money. Save up to $500 a year without signing a phone contract at Solavei.

Solavei is a social commerce platform built on the belief that even a single relationship can make life better for many. Our mission is to make commerce less expensive and even profitable by helping people earn income on the products and services they use and enjoy every day. The company was founded in 2012 and is still in its infancy - meaning it is a ground floor opportunity if you act now!

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