Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Open Letter to Pabst Brewing Company and Distributors Concerning Champale.

Open Letter to Pabst Brewing Company and Distributors Concerning Champale.

Nearly fifty years ago my company acquired the rights to distribute Champale in the territory we were servicing with Falstaff. As Falstaff sales declined (almost overnight in the mid 60's), Champale and cups kept us afloat (you laugh, but its true). Anyway, I have seen this wonderful product go through change after change in its packaging, more changes than gasoline prices around the 4th of July. One certainty has been the liquid...Extra Dry, Golden, and Pink. Champale is categorized as a Malt Liquor, but it should be labeled as a Malt Elixir and put it in a segment all its own.

On a national level, Champale has a very limited distribution. Distribution is very spotty and concentrated more heavily in the South. The first Champ Ale recipe dates to the 1880's and was brewed by the Metropolis Brewery. The name was changed to Champale during World War II. In the 70's, Champale was sold to Iroqouis Brands. In the 80's, Alan Bond added it to G. Heileman Brewing Company. Later it was part of the Stroh Brewery and finally, Pabst. It is now produced once a month at the Lion Brewery in Wilkes Barre, PA for the Pabst Brewing Company. There are many Pabst wholesalers that have a contract for the brand, but don't even bother carrying it. These wholesalers are definetely leaving money on the table and really don't realize it. Would you believe that with Champale the margins are higher than any import or craft beer? Better than any wine cooler or malternative, too.

Now for the reason I am writing this piece: Hey Pabst would you like to sell the Champale brand to me? I don't have much money, but I do have lots of ideas. Would you like a partner in the Champale brand? I would work for free if you took care of my expenses. Do you need someone to counsel you on how to market and distribute Champale? My services are fairly inexpensive.

Just as Budweiser does with an A/B wholesaler, Miller High Life with a Miller wholesaler, and Coors Banquet with a Coors wholesaler, Champale will always hold a special place in my heart. By acquiring the rights to Champale, a beverage wholesaler will get an exceptional product that has its very own unique niche in the marketplace, a brand with 125 years of history, and the best margins in the beer industry.


Anonymous said...

I loved Champale....can it be ordered on-line anywhere? Also does anyone know if you can purchase Malt Duck anywhere? I know there are a bunch of us college kids from the 80's who would buy Malt Duck.....it would do great business.

Rhinehard Heileman said...

Malt Duck was brewed by the National Brewing Co. in Baltimore during the cold duck craze in the 70's, it didn't last long and was soon discontinued. A funny story about Malt Duck was that it used red dye #10 which would actually stain your teeth red. You would easily know a Malt Duck drinker if you saw one. Go to Pabst.com to read about Champale and where you can find it.

linda said...

I live in Jacksonville Florida and I would like to know the closest location to buy pink champale or the original champale?

Milton said...

The closest state is SC with two distributors: Beverage South in W. Columbia, (706) 565-0959 and Chris J. Yahnis Inc in Florence , (843) 665-4748.


Anonymous said...

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