Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Hey Mr. Beer Distributor, do you know where I can find Champale Malt Liquor? Or Schlitz? Or Falstaff?

Champale Malt Liquor

Beer distributors are a very observant bunch, especially in our home markets. We know if a beer brand is going to sell, we know if it's profitable, we know all details about fire-selling overage beer, we know which beer brands take up space on supermarket shelves, and we know when beer brands are "dead". I am asked this question a hundred times a week...."Where can I find ________ beer? You can fill in the blank with Champale, Old Style, Pabst, Schlitz, Meister Brau, Red White and Blue, Pearl, Lone Star, Genuine Draft Light, Hamms, Country Club, Olympia, Ranier, Dixie Beer, Jax, Schmidts, Falstaff, Iron City, Weidemans, Genesee, Grain Belt, Malt Duck, Schaefer, National Bohemian, Black Label, Milwaukee 1851, and Blatz. The list goes on and on and on. Today I am writing, not only, to help my readers, but also to give me clarity on this subject. Following is a list of a few brewers, their old regional beer brands, and how you can find the beers that dotted America's beer landscape of yesteryear. If you have questions about other brands, don't hesitate to leave a comment and I'll get back to you soon.

1.Pabst Brewing Company

For Beer and Distributor Information:
Phone Number...1-800-935-BEER
Email Pabst
Email Pabst Quality Assurance

List of Brands brewed by Pabst:
Also Pabst Brewing Company brews Champale, Country Club, Blatz, Schaefer, Schmidts, Falstaff (discontinued), Jax (discontinued), Old Milwaukee, Piels, and Pearl and you can find these brands and others at

2.Miller Brewing Company

For Beer and Distributor Information:
Phone Number...1-800-MILLER-6
Online Distributor Lookup

List of Brands brewed by Miller:
Miller Brewing Company also brews Olde English 800, Meister Brau, Henry Weinhard's, and Magnum Malt Liquor.


For Beer and Distributor Information:
Phone Number...1-800-DIAL BUD
Contact Anheuser-Busch
A/B Wholesaler Locator

List of Brands brewed by Anheuser-Busch:
Anheuser-Busch also brews Hurricane Malt Liquor, King Cobra Malt Liquor, and Tequiza.

Hope that qwenches your thirst a little, you can Email Me for further inquiries of other beer brands. I will add to this list often.


cdavidsn said...

Is there a place on the Mississippi/Alabama Gulf Coast that might sell Dixie Beer? I am also looking for Dixie VooDoo. Thanks

Regina said...

I am also looking for dixie beer in southern illinois missouri border. thanks

Quiltsnake said...

How about Dixie in Hampton Roads Virgina?

Anonymous said...

where is the near
est store in my area, (LaPorte, IN) that carries Schlitz Malt Liquor? Haven't found any around here since moving back from TX back in '88. Thanks - Star_Fire