Saturday, August 04, 2007

Budweiser Almost Certain to go with Kasey Kahne...

Sources close to Anheuser Busch and Evernham Motorsports are saying the deal is almost done. Kahne would be a great fit with Bud, he's no Earnhardt, Jr., but he would be a great choice for the beer maker. Kahne is young, he is a proven driver, and he appeals to female fans. Heck, he is even being linked romantically to Paris Hilton. Considering how bad it hurts losing Junior, I still believe A/B has made the best of a tough situation and will see no backlash from the fans.

I wonder how many fans and distributors Miller Brewing has turned off by sponsoring Kurt Busch. Why didn't Miller Brewing just find a guy with the last name of Budweiser and hire him?

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