Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Tony Stewart and Schlitz Beer

Did that come out of left field or what? It has taken me a few weeks since the Chicagoland race to come down to earth since that bombshell was dropped. I'm with you Tony, give me a little gusto every once in awhile. Just not everyday. Can you believe that in the seventies Schlitz had a marketshare of nearly 25%. Upwards of 70% in their strongest markets. I was so bored running my route that I would actually help the Schlitz driver roll in his cases when we were at the same stops, just to have someone to hang out with. Boy those days have changed. Schlitz is in our distributorship, but rarely makes it in any planograms to get set in the stores. The only volume is all specially requested by certain customers now. Schlitz is now "virtual owned" by Pabst Brewing Company and brewed by Miller Brewing Company.

Hey Tony, maybe one day they will brew Schlitz back in Milwaukee in beautiful long neck bottles. They might listen to you if you ask them, they sure as heck won't listen to me.

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